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This blog provides information about plant-based whole foods living through a series of URL links. These links provide practical and insightful information about healthy foods, show the science of what constitutes healthy and unhealthy foods, and offer access to a wide variety of interesting documentaries, useful websites, practical tools and delicious plant-based recipes.

We also show you how to distinguish good from bad science, as well as how to recognize lies & false propaganda about food in general.

Mostly, we want to be promoters of a peaceful co-existence between all sentient beings on a planet that deserves to be respected.

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Why PBWF and not WFPB?
WFPB is a term coined by Professor Dr. T. Colin Campbell to refer to a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle. We’ve turned the term around to put the linguistic emphasis on being plant-based and in order to use it as an adjective.